Seasonal offering of robes

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Seasonal offering of robes

Kathina civara; robes offered to the saṃgha for holding a kathina ceremony.

Offering of kathina robes had its origin to a group of bhikkhus known as the Bhaddavaggī Brothers of Paveyya region. The Buddha allowed a special form of offering of robes to the members of the Order who were in need of robes. One-month period from the first waning day of Thadingyut(October), the end of the monsoon rains-retreat period, to the fullmoon day of Tazaungmon(November) was prescribed during which kathina robes may be offered. The special offering is to be purely voluntary. Bhikkhus are not supposed to ask for such donation even from their own parents. Robes are offered to the Order and not to any individual bhikkhu. These are placed before those members of the Order who have observed their rains-retreat period and a prescribed ritual is held in a sima by the saṃgha before disposing them of in the presence of the assembly to the needly members. This special offering of robes brings five kinds of benefit to the donors as well as to the recipients.

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