Buddhism and Militarism in Contemporary Sri Lanka

Buddhism and Militarism in Contemporary Sri Lanka

Lagt inn den 23.apr 2010 | ved Administrator som Foredrag | i biz Uio: Oslo Buddhist Studies Forum

Buddhism is often perceived as a religion that emphasizes worldly
renunciation and non-violence. In this respect it is often placed in sharp
contrast to the social activism and just-war orientation of Western
religions like Christianity and Islam. In particular, the non-violent
resistance of the Dalai Lama against Chinese occupation has contributed to
the West’s (as well as the East’s) understanding of Buddhism as
non-violent. Moreover, the precept of abstaining from taking life is often
referred to, by Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike, as one of the key
concepts of Buddhism. Given this strong identification of Buddhism with
peace and non-violence, the question evidently arises: how do Buddhists
relate to violence and military conflict in the societies in which they
live? What are the particularities of the Buddhist tradition(s) in
relation to questions about war and peace? Throughout history and across
different Buddhist cultures, Buddhist monks have played a central role as
preservers of the Buddha’s teachings.  Given their prominent role as
religious teachers and religious exemplars, how do Buddhist monks relate
to times of conflict? The case of Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka is
particularly interesting in this regard, as the country has suffered from
severe violence and civil war over the last three decades. Since the
outbreak of the military conflict between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil
Eelam (LTTE) and the Sri Lankan Government, Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka
have actively participated in public debates about the conflict and its
possible solutions.  Why, in fact, did the Buddhist monks favor a military
solution to the conflict with the LTTE, and how can we, based on the Sri
Lankan case, critically engage in a discussion about Buddhism and

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