“”””Heavenly Culture,World Peace,Restoration of Light in Sweden “””

“”””Heavenly Culture,World Peace,Restoration of Light in Sweden “””

Lagt inn den 15.Mai 2018 | ved Ashin Htavara som Åpen diskusjon




Respectable Religious Leaders, and all the guests, specially, may the HWPL’s Chairman, Man Hee Lee and all other peace family members be healthy in body and peaceful in mind!

I am Ashin Htavara, a Myanmar monk from Norway.

I would like to thank you here in Sweden for giving me an opportunity to make a speech.

I am very grateful and glad to work together for peace with HWPL. I hope and wish for better result in world peace that the HWPL’s Chairman Man Hee Lee focuses on.

Buddha says “Samagganan Thapo Sukho”, meaning that unity prevail mankind’s well-being. So we must unite for world peace. When we do not understand with one another, there arises doubt among us. Doubt destroys unity and love. Doubt also leads to misunderstanding, conflict, riots and even war.

It's been three years since I've known HWPL. When I first knew about HWPL, I felt great and suspicious at the same time. How long can these people continue this work? Would it be like any other peace group?

In 2007, I was one of the leaders of the democratic movement in Myanmar called the Shafran Revolution, and after the revolution, I was exiled and came to Norway, and now I can’t return to my beloved homeland.

I became the leader of the democratic movement not because I was in a high position, or because I was full of knowledge. Lots of people wanted to realize the needs for democracy, and had a mind to gain it, but no one really tried for it. Someone had to step up, therefore I stood up and acted.

Since then, many people came to interview me from TV, newspaper reporters and publishers because of my figure in the democratic movement and hoped work together. However, their   interests cooled down soon, and I was rather disappointed at them.

However, HWPL was different. HWPL had a clear understanding of the current world and had specific and realistic plans to change it. It has also been making large progress over the last few years, and I was able to recognize that HWPL is the only one that can achieve peace while attending the second and third WARP Summits. Among all the achievements were Chairman Lee and many HWPL’s members’ enthusiasm and efforts who have been working together for peace.

I strongly support HWPL’s activity and decided to become a messenger to help. Not only do I promise, but I decide to work with all my heart.

Including Norway, because Northern Europe has more peaceful countries than anywhere else in the world, I knew that there was a lack of awareness about the need for peace so I thought it was important to promote HWPL first. I hosted a couple of meetings with a head teacher, teachers and students of schools that I am attending to introduce HWPL to. And I held a ‘HWPL PR photo exhibition’ to collect signatures for support of DPCW from visitors of my monastery.

I thought, not only in Norway, but also in my hometown, that I could promote this, and with the help and support of HWPL, I built the HWPL Library in a school in Myanmar where I have been   supporting. In that region 150,000 people were killed by a Typhoon in 2008 and it hasn’t yet recovered 10 years after. I wanted to convey the hope and dream of the HWPL for peace to the people in the region. And it's becoming a reality.

Many people want peace. However, it's not easy to work in real life. Without Chairman Lee's enthusiasm and clear purpose, all of my work would have been impossible.

I'd like to say to everyone here. If we do it, it will be done. If we don’t do it, it won't be done. The reason I led the Shafran Revolution was because I wanted peace. I also wanted to make it real. The reason why Chairman Lee and I work for peace is because we have the want for peace. In the midst of so many troubles and preventions, Chairman Lee is dealing with what someone has already been through. There are many HWPL members behind him, and supporting people from all over the world. And I will always be there too. With a start by opening a library in Myanmar I will announce HWPL to more regions and people. Working with HWPL is a reward for the past tough days of the Shafran Revolution and my new task for peace.

In conclusion, peace is a must and, I believe, everyone should take part in making and building peace for the present and future generation of our mankind. A home without peace is not able to live in. I believe, World Peace Family Members led by the Chairman Lee should make stronger participation in the process, and so our goals can be reached more quickly. Let us all become peace messengers, let us work more for the human, and let us follow Chairman Lee’s path. I believe when we follow his way, there will be a peaceful world in the end. Thank once again the Chairman Lee and all of you presented here today.


Saffron Ashin Htavara (Norway)

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