For peace, refrain from extremes; Rector Sayadaw

For peace, refrain from extremes; Rector Sayadaw

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For peace, refrain from extremes; Rector   Sayadaw


If you want peace -both peace of mind and peace in our society -you need to view everything with a just and unbiased outlook, and refrain from holding extremes views.

That is to say, you should tread the middle path, neither too hard nor too soft.If someone is too soft, he will be too easily influenced by other. The other hand. if he is too harsh. he will bring hate and warth upon him -self and other people.

Rightful judgement and as-sessment toward every situation,astutenss in associating with others, doing according to what one says and keeping promises may lead you to the acquisition of the ability to organise others.

So as to able to build up a united human society, speaking and writing are of great power. But influential speaking and writ -ing come with responsibilities such as.

You are required to speak and write what is right.

0nly is what you are to say is beneficial for most and be of great use to the unity of society should it be said or writ-ten.

You must speak out only after careful consider -tion  as to whether it is appropriate or not.

In speaking or writing well,it must be done with loving  kindness ,especially abstaining from hatrerd.

May every individual desir ous of serving the interests of the country and the people,perfrom  your respective duties by paying great respects to our buddha’s teachings.

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