Lighting Festival in Myanmar

Lighting Festival in Myanmar

Lagt inn den 04.okt 2017 | ved Ashin Htavara som Åpen diskusjon

Daw Khin Myo Chit writes in her book Flowers and Festivals Round the Myanmar Year, “It is a time for sobriety, self-denial and religious contemplation.”

I strongly encourage all Buddhists to reflect ourselves if our mind & soul are overwhelmed by hatred, antipathy, fretfulness or despair. Lets screen/filter them all and clearly set our mind & soul in peace inside out within this festival season. May all lightings around the country calm down all of our fear/hatered or sadness.

It is the season of pagoda festivals, music concerts and weddings, with cooler winter weather just around the corner in Myanmar.

The end of Lent is marked nationwide with the three-day Thadingyut Festival of Lights.

Buddhists believe that at one point in his life, the Buddha ascended to Tavatimsa, the Celestial Abode, and spent the three-month Vassa period teaching the sacred Abhidhamma discourses to the heavenly beings who lived there. The festives are organized to welcome his ascending from heaven with lightings which in other meaning is englightenment.

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