Introduksjonskurs i Buddhisme og buddistisk meditasjon, 6 torsdager samt et helgekurs

Introduksjonskurs i Buddhisme og buddistisk meditasjon, 6 torsdager samt et helgekurs

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In January and February, the Oslo Buddhist Centre is offering a comprehensive introductory course to Buddhism and Buddhist meditation. On this course, you will learn about the essential elements of Buddhist philosophy, practice, and lifestyle, and have the opportunity to explore the questions that are important to you in an open, non-dogmatic environment. You will also learn three of the most important and effective meditation techniques that Buddhists have been using for millennia to explore and develop their own minds.The course will mainly be held in English, but there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions or have points clarified in Norwegian.

Place: Oslo Buddhistsenter, Storgata 13a, 0155 Oslo

Time: 17.30-20.00

More information: www.oslobuddhistsenter.no

15th Jan
Who was the Buddha, and what is Awakening?
Body awareness meditation

22nd Jan
Buddhist ethics – kindness and skilfulness
Body awareness meditation

29th Jan
Buddhist meditation – theory and practice
Mindfulness of breathing meditation

5th Feb
Buddhist wisdom – the Four Noble Truths
Mindfulness of breathing meditation

6th–8th Feb
Weekend retreat – going deeper

12th Feb
Beauty, Art and Nature – refining our consciousness
Metta bhavana – Loving kindness meditation

19th Feb
Spiritual friendship and spiritual community
Metta bhavana – Loving kindness meditation


Sted: Oslo Buddhistsenter
Stedets adresse: Storgata 13 a
Postnummer: 0155      Poststed: Oslo
Starter: 15.jan 2015 - 17:30       Slutt: 19.feb. 2015 - 00:00
Ev. krav til deltagelse:

Ingen tidligere erfaring nødvendig, opplæring vil bli gitt. Det er et sammenhengende kurs med progresjon, men om man ikke kan komme noen av dagene så er det ok. 


Beskjeder: The course is free, although donations towards the running of the Buddhist Centre are always welcome. Participants will be asked to cover a portion of the expenses for the weekend retreat.

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