Flomkatastrofe i Thailand

Flomkatastrofe i Thailand

BF sender penger til WFB sitt hjelpearbeid
Lagt inn den 04.november 2011 | ved Forstander som Nyhet

Flomkatastrofen i Thailand har gjort hundretusener hjemløse. Hjelp trengs og World Fellowship of Buddhist organiserer hjelpearbeid som BF har gitt støtte til.

Phallop Thaiarry
Secretary General
The World Fellowship of Buddhists
Dear Secretary General Thaiarry,
We have noted with deep regret the difficulties that people in large parts of Thailand are experiencing due to the unusually large flood and also the loss of many lives due to this huge natural disaster. It is encouraging that the WFB takes an active part in helping the victims of this disaster.
The Buddhist Federation of Norway wish to express its sympathy and compassion to those needing help in this situation and has therefore sent yesterday NKR 10.000 (USD 1.755 / THB 54.141) to the "WFB HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE".
Oslo 03 November.2011
Wishing you success in your humanitarian activities
Egil Lothe
President Buddhist Federation of Norway


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